Why Us?

Romance Language speaks in your voice – whether you’re irreverent, earnest, intellectual or down-to-earth. Want a soulmate? Make sure neediness isn’t the unintentional message. Want someone who’s passionate about work – or a workaholic? Gotta say it so they’ll get it.

And you need to stand out from the madding crowd. On any e-dating site, countless people talk about walks on the beach and the ability of their formal wear to co-exist in perfect harmony with their jeans. Sorry – but yawn. You need a hook, boys and girls. Romance Language is your expert guide – finessing the process, discerning the originality about your take on life, love and their all-important, hoped-for intersection.

Truth in advertising. Know how awful it is to date a self-proclaimed funny man (or woman) who never cracks a smile? So do we. That’s why we can also suggest and screen matches, read between the lines and interpret for you. And after that date, we can stick with you – to analyze what happened, what didn’t happen, and help decide whether to move on or not.
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