But How?

Exactly how does this happen?

An in-depth interview reveals who you are and what you want, so that Romance Language can “brand” you – even if you can’t put your own finger on exactly what makes you unique. A series of leading questions will tease out who you are with respect to relationships, and who you want your partner to be.

We set up your profile on Match.com, with a descriptive user name and password, and write the narrative sections based on the phone interview. (We typically begin with Match, given its large universe of possibilities and its brand recognition, though we can of course set you up on other dating sites, if you prefer.)

Next, you sign on with your new user name and answer the multiple-choice questions; if thoughts occur to you as you pass the narrative portions, make quick notes. We review your multiple-choice answers (to determine whether you may be under- or over-selling, sometimes to suggest widening or narrowing of parameters). You review, make comments. We revise (twice if needed).

You provide us with a correctly-formatted photo (smiling, full-face, screen filling), and we post it to your profile.

You go live online, when you must pay Match.com (we suggest a 6-month membership).

If you like, our follow-up coaching can teach you how to find and screen candidates who are “in the zone”, how to write the kind of reach-out email that gets a response, how to manage the process so that you have enough action without becoming overwhelmed. We can follow your dating progress for as short or long a time as you want.
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