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Everybody’s doing it.

Online dating, that is. So why isn’t the whole exercise less fraught, more fun and more predictably productive? Frankly, because most of us don’t know what to say, and how to say it, when it comes to those infamous online profiles. Think about it this way: e-dating is really a marketing exercise. The product is you. And how many singles, as accomplished as they may be, are professional marketers?

Now you don’t have to be. Because you’ve got Romance Language. Erika Moore, your new dating guru, has written for dozens of Fortune 500 companies and daytime television, and is a successful veteran of the dating scene (online and off).

Obviously, everyone wants to look and sound fabulous. Which, unfortunately, means exaggeration and waffling rule too often – so what you see is rarely what you get. Not very helpful. Romance Language believes in you – whoever you really are. In crafting a profile that’s witty, fun, and says “I’m worth a second look” – without laying it on too thick.

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